Secure Hub 10.7.20 with iOS 11 Important Notice

Secure Hub 10.7.20 with iOS 11 Important Notice

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Symptoms or Error
With the release of iOS 11, Secure Hub will not upgrade if Network Extension (VPN) is On.  This issue was reported to Apple during the Beta process but fix did not make it to iOS 11.  There are a few workarounds that can be used in order to successfully upgrade Secure Hub.

Please note that this does not impact MDM only customers.What an End User experiences:

  1. End User updates Secure Hub after upgrading to iOS 11.
  2. Secure Hub app update fails.
  3. Either the End User is notified that app has failed to install and a pop-up shows with the message to “Retry”  – OR –  the App download status icon in the App Store app is stuck.

Note: Any subsequent upgrades of Secure Hub will fail as well until Apple fixes the issue in iOS 11.

Important: Users on iOS 11 need to update to the most recent version of 11 before updating Secure Hub to version 10.7.20.
Note: A new version of Secure Hub should be released today, with Secure Mail and Secure Web upgrades planned for tomorrow. To avoid upgrade issues, you must update your Apple devices to iOS 11.2 before upgrading Secure Hub.