XenMobile: Monitoring question

XenMobile: Monitoring question

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Today I would just like to ask questions and hope some replies.

I would like to know what can be a good Monitoring solution for XenMobile?

What would you like to see in a XMS Monitoring Solution?

Here after some quick ideas I have:

  • Monitor connection to SQL DB
  • Monitor connection to DNS
  • Monitor connection to LDAP
  • Monitor connection to SZC
  • Monitor connection to ShareFile Control Plane
  • Monitor web services on XMS Nodes
  • Monitor the status of XMS under Hypervisor (XenServer, VMware, HyperV)
  • Monitor status of the Certificates on XMS (with expiration dates)
  • Monitor connection to the Notification servers (SMTP and SMS)
  • Monitor connection to the Public Stores (Apple, Google and Windows)
  • Monitor connection to Licenses Server
  • Monitor XenApp/XenDesktop => Storefront connection
  • Monitor Apple APNS connection
  • Monitor NetScaler Gateway connection and status

Thanks for your feedback and any other things you should think about.

I will update the post with the ideas proposed.




NetScaler Management and Analytics System (MAS) is a centralized network management and analytics solution for xenmobile XMS.

Afzal, I am not (yet) MAS Specialist but as far as I know MAS is useful for NetScaler but not for XenMobile 😉