E2EVC Barcelona Day 1 Followup

Here after you will find the followup of this 1st day.

Session 4: Citrix XenDesktop 7.15 and all that

Simon explains in detail the changes that appeared with 7.15 and much more…

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Session 5: Azure Hybrid Infrastructure

Benedict explains what’s new and hot with more than 600 new features!

One of those cool features: Accelerated Networking with 10% latency improvement.

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Session 6: XenServer for VMware Admins – The Magic Fountain Edition

Andrew and Jim explain VMWare Admin how and why to move to XenServer for capabilities, management, …

GPU is one of the key decision to make when you want to select an hypervisor.

Tool to manage multiple Hypervisors: HotLink, more information here

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Session 7: The Cloud – A Brave New World

Sinisa on stage to discuss about Cloud migration and how difficult it could be to get it running.

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Session 8: NVIDIA GRID State of the Union

Jared from NVIDIA spoke about current and future evolution on hardware, management, scheduler and compute.

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Session 9: Architect the Ultimate Hybrid Cloud Availability with Veeam

Niels talked about Veeam products but not only backup and that’s cool.

Example: Advanced ReFS Integration, Windows and Linux Agents, etc.

Useful tools and information available here 

Storage sizing tool available here

Note: With O365, it's your data, you control it and it is your responsibility to protect it!

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Session 10: Presenting CensorNet MFA and USS including MFA om the Cloud

Gunnar has always provided us an awesome session!!!

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