XenMobile: Early Adopter Release 2 for Citrix XenMobile Client 10.7.15

Citrix has release today the early adopter release 2 for the 10.7.15 version of the XenMobile Client for iOS and Android. This release contains public app store versions and MDX Toolkit. New updates for this release:

This EAR for XenMobile Apps 10.7.15 includes the following:
  • Secure Mail for iOS and Android
  • Secure Web for Android
  • Secure Hub for iOS and Android
The EAR includes the following new features and enhancements:

Device operating system support. Support for Pixel 2 with Android O.

Calendar subject line actions. In Secure Mail for iOS, you can tap phone numbers and web addresses in a calendar subject line, as you can already do with the location.

Enhancements to swipe action in Secure Mail for iOS. You can now configure the swipe action through Secure Mail settings to include new behavior such as:

  • Move
  • Forward
  • Reply
  • Reply All
The default behaviors for swipe actions remain as follows:
  • Read
  • Delete
  • Flag
Secure Mail for iOS also supports the Preview Lines feature. You can use Preview Lines, in Secure Mail settings, to configure how many lines of an email body appear as preview in the mailbox view.
Enhancements to Folder and sub folder views and UI in Secure Mail for Android. You can now navigate through email folders or sub folders and switch between multiple accounts without leaving the Mailboxes screen. UI options that appear when you long press on folders have been realigned.
Support for responsive emails on Secure Mail for Android. Secure Mail for Android has been optimized to handle responsive emails and render them seamlessly across Android devices.


  • All XenMobile apps for iOS are delivered through Test Flight. If you are already registered, you will receive an email from Test Flight that there is a new version available for testing – please click the link in that email to install the app.  If you do not get an email, please request access here.

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