Need some XenMobile PowerShell Scripts?

Need some XenMobile PowerShell Scripts?

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Today my post is not to provide you with some information but to give you the opportunity to request XMS PSH Script.

If you have needs, feel free to send me an email: or just leave a comment.

Here are some scripts based on PSH / Rest API for XenMobile:

  1. XenMobile Configuration Report
  2. Push Notification for all devices of specific Delivery Group
  3. Configure XenMobile Server automatically
  4. Export/Import configuration
  5. Retrieve UDID of all iOS devices enrolled
  6. Calculate the number of used licenses for XMS Cloud


All the scripts on which I am working on, are run on my Lab which is not same as Prod (less devices, Policies, Actions, etc) so if some “beta tester” want to join to test all of those on bigger deployment it could be very helpful.