XenMobile Cloud: PSH Script to retrieve licenses information (updated)

XenMobile Cloud: PSH Script to retrieve licenses information (updated)

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Update: some part of code was missing and has been inserted

I have a customer which use XenMobile in the Cloud.
A big difference between Cloud version and on-premise is that with the Cloud version Licenses information is not accessible.

Probably because licenses are shared between all customers (that’s my own opinion to take as is).

As I was asked by a customer how to retrieve licenses information, I was looking for a solution.

Base on Rest API I tried to retrieve licenses information but it’s not accessible.

So I create a powershell script which can be downloaded here

How the script works?

1. It ask you for XMS FQDN

2. Name resolution and access on port 4443 tests are done

3. You are prompted for Credentials (only local ADMIN role accounts work)

4. The number of enrolled devices is counted and shown
5. An extract of the user for each device is done and a count of unique user
6. Finally based on unique user, we can determine the number of licenses used.