XenMobile: Send Notification to Delivery Group PSH Script

XenMobile: Send Notification to Delivery Group PSH Script

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Today with XenMobile, you can send Notification using the Web Console to 1 or more devices.

However, in case of multiple devices, you will need to select each individually.

I was asked if it was possible to send Notification to a specific Delivery Group and, as today, it’s not possible.

Never say Never …

I decided to check if a solution can exist and, in fact I found one solution using Rest API.

So I created a PSH script which can be download here (you will need to rename from txt to ps1 to run)

How it works?
  1. The script will ask you for the URL of the XMS Server (In fact it can be also an IP on internal network)
  2. The script verify if the FQDN can be resolved and if port 4443 is opened between the XMS and your PC
  3. The script ask for the credential (local web console credential, for ex. administrator/Citrix123)
  4. A list of configured Delivery Groups is shown and you are asked to select one
  5. You will need to provide the message you want to send
  6. You will be ask to select the sound to play during notification (you must respect the case)

Please let any comment regarding your test or to improve the script