Citrix XenMobile iOS 11

Citrix XenMobile iOS 11

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iOS 11 will be here soon. In order to ensure a smooth adoption of iOS 11 Citrix wanted to make sure customers are aware of the following information which may require you to take action.

Important information and reminders for iOS 11 support:
  1. The XenMobile Server DOES NOT require an update to support iOS 11.
  2. All iOS users need to update their devices to XenMobile client 10.7 before upgrading to iOS 11. More detailed instructions and recommendations for iOS 11 can be found HERE.
  3. If you are using certificate authentication you need to enable Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 on your NetScaler (if not already enabled). Devices running iOS 11 can fail to enroll if this action is not taken. More information can be found HERE.
  4. If you are managing iOS devices using XenMobile and match the two conditions below you must make suggested changes to your NetScaler prior to the release of iOS 11.
  1. XenMobile is deployed in a cluster set-up (with more than one node).
  2. XenMobile is deployed in MDM-only or Enterprise (MDM+MAM) mode.

If customer match these two conditions, NetScaler load balancing configuration need to be modified to use Source IP persistence. If you are a XenMobile Service customer, the Citrix Cloud Ops team will make this change for you. Complete documentation for this required modification can be found HERE.

  1. Current known issues with the “Open In” experience for XenMobile apps:
  • “Open In” between XenMobile apps and ShareFile.
  • “Open In” showing error messages “Unable to display document” and “Load Failed”.
  • XenMobile client release 10.7.1 will fix both of these issues.
  • Secure Mail and Secure Web 10.7.1 iOS only (public stores) – 9/14/17
  • MDX Toolkit 10.7.1 (customer download page) – 9/18/17

For additional documentation on the latest XenMobile 10.7 release including a full feature list, known issues and fixed issues for both Client and Server please follow these links.

IOS 11 bug with ShareFile 5.3.0 and SecureHub 10.7
ShareFile closes down as soon a document is selected either to display or to modify. Are you aware of this bug and is there a short term solution?

Hi Joerg,

I do not have this issue, do you use latest version of every component: XMS, Secure Hub, ShareFile MDX?

Same here. Sharefile closing after startup. Is running in background, by tapping on it Sharefile comes to the foreground, but goes immidiatly to the backgound.

Issue after upating to IOS11.