ShareFile Migration Tool v1.1

ShareFile Migration Tool v1.1

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Pre-Migration Details

  • Exclude file types from Migration: Users can now exclude specific file types from migration by unchecking file types.

  • Display Files and Folders that are inaccessible: Users can now review the list of files or folders which cannot be migrated by the app, and resolve the conflicts even before starting the migration.

  • Pre-Migration View: User can review transfer details before beginning the migration. Information includes:
    • Source and Destination Location
    • Total Files that would be migrated
    • Total Size
    • Expected Time for the Migration to complete
    • File types excluded from Migration
    • List of files or folders which are inaccessible

Post-Migration Details

  • Post-Migration View: Users can now review details of a completed migration.
    • Source and Destination Location
    • Total Successful , Failed and Cancelled transfer
    • Total Size Uploaded
    • Total Time taken for upload

Option to exclude or include upload of root folder

  • Users now have the option to either exclude or include upload of root folder from the Source.

Confirmation Dialog when user closes the app when Migration is in progress

  • A confirmation dialog will be shown when a user closes the tool while a migration is in progress.

tNPS Support

  • Users can provide feedback for every completed migration.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where migration was not being completed when containing any Folders which are inaccessible.
  • Fixed an issue where files were not migrated if the root folder contained an inaccessible folder.